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Ghost Rhythms - "Thoughtography" from 'Spectral Music' (Cuneiform Records)
Cuneiform Records

Ghost Rhythms - "Thoughtography" from 'Spectral Music' (Cuneiform Records)

Easily purchase Ghost Rhythms' 'Spectral Music', here: “[This] is music made at a high level, but with an accessibility and humor that makes it cracking entertainment as much as high art.” – The Big Takeover “The fluid exchanges between musicians reveal how carefully considered both harmonic and rhythmic interplay are and how each chart plays to the strengths of one particular musician or subgroup. Despite the musical sophistication and adventure...this music is extremely accessible to a wide swathe of listeners. Its release signals the magnificent arrival of Ghost Rhythms on American shores. Get it now.” – AllMusic Spectral Music is Ghost Rhythms’ second release on Cuneiform Records after 2019’s Live at Yoshiwara, a live album consisting almost entirely of new material, and is their sixth full-length studio effort. After delegating much of the writing on Yoshiwara to their bandmates, the band’s leaders, drummer Xavier Gélard and pianist Camille Petit were back firmly at the helm. Gélard had toyed with the idea of using the title Spectral Music for a while, but it only began to make sense conceptually during the writing process. However, the real theme of the album, remoteness and telepathy, came late in the process. The parallel with the current Covid crisis was of course not lost on Gélard and Petit. “This is the second album we have made remotely due to the current situation. We’ve always used overdubbing in our recordings, but never to quite that extent. The process suggested another parallel – the notion that modern technology (the Internet of course but you could argue it really began with the telephone), creates an illusion that distance is abolished. For me it’s not so much communication as a form of fake telepathy. If anything, technology actually reinforces the sense of remoteness. At least that’s the way I felt during the process of making albums that way.” Ghost Rhythms played their first concert with an audience in 18 months in late September and more are planned from November onwards. “It felt like learning to walk again, but it was great to interact with an audience!” Guillaume Aventurin – guitar Julien Bigorgne – flute, oud Alexis Collin – accordion, sound manipulation Xavier Gélard – drums, guitars, voices Gregory Kosovski – bass Morgan Lowenstein – percussion Nadia Mejri-Chapelle – cello Tom Namias – guitars, bouzouki Camille Petit – keyboards Maxime Thiébaut – alto, soprano and baritone sax with Sarah Baroux – voices (8) Sonia Bricout – voices (11) Jérôme Lacquet – trumpet (2) Antoine Villedieu – violins (2, 3) license
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