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Ghost Rhythms

Contemporary Jazz, Rock Prog Band from Paris (France)

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“One of the most unique and gifted instrumental bands in the world.” – Michael Toland

At use are influences of folk music, modern jazz and a slight nod to pop music and ambient minimalism.  But the mix of ingredients comes out full-bodied, a singular blend of one music perspective, and the individual characteristics only peek out here and there.  The ensemble speaks with one voice and one voice alone.

– Dave Sumner / The Bird is the Worm

« La marque du progressive rock et du minimalisme se mêle à des réminiscences de musiques afro-latines, balkaniques ou orientales, au gré de grooves, couleurs harmoniques et timbrales rondement agencés, la fraîcheur des idées se combinant à la tenue des interventions improvisées. »
Franck Bergerot / Jazz Magazine

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Spectral Music

Cuneiform Records, november 2021

" (...) Multiple rhythms, stupendous melodies, jazz improvisation, a broad instrumental pallet, ambitious arrangements, and a sense of music as pure expression, an antidote to what the band thinks of as the manufactured telepathy of remote communication. 
Michael Toland, The Big Takeover"

At their strongest, the ensemble Ghost Rhythms are storytellers. Their excellent 2015 release Madeline is a case in point. Writing from the perspective of a character from the movie Vertigo (1958) was a springboard to imaginative narrative-building. Their latest, Spectral Music, takes a similar approach. 
Dave Sumner, Bandcamp's Best of jazz, november 2021 

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Imaginary Mountains


"Few bands can move so comfortably between the lines
of progressive rock, fusion and minimalism and yet retain a versatile and homogeneous orchestral line-up like the French Ghost Rhythms. No matter the size of the this ensemble, they meet the same outcome whether they are recording an imaginary soundtrack or a live gig. At the end their music has a very unique flavor that masterfully balances wistful melodies, angular polyrhythmic grooves, aggressive rock orchestrations with groovy fusionesque tainting. Then it’s easy to expect that their new release Imaginary Mountains could all but not show all those aspects and provide
some exhilarating moments."
Marcello Nardi, Music for watermelons

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"Mysterious and beguiling, this is a highly enjoyable and melodic album of intricate chamber jazz arrangements for the small and medium sized ensemble. While hinting at avant influences, there is nothing at all difficult about Madeleine, and its high musicality should appeal to a wider audience than the description “chamber jazz” may entice."

The Progressive Aspect

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by Alice Petit

Ted Serios + Jule Eisenbud + #GhostRhythms + #Cuneiform = this piece about thoughtography (thought+photography), an homage to the alleged ability of certain psychics to project onto Polaroid films images that are in their head, more famously Ted Serios.
A video made by Alice Petit.

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